The ever amazing GH fish.

5’10” x 21 1/2” x 2 3/4”
Handshaped by Gary Hanel in Leucadia, California
Classic San Diego Fish template with GH’s performance rails and rocker.
This one has glass on bamboo fins that are hand made by Elliot of Teleost Fin company, the newest Surfy Surfy approved fin maker.
"Lowboy" keel template is single foiled for release, towed-in and canted out for easy breezy twin fin surfing.
Lotus Spray by Peter St.Pierre
Glass leash loop
Wet sanded gloss

Pale sage green SALT Classic Long.  8’6” x 22” x 2.85”.  Single fin.
Jeff Mccallum - wingtip single fin - at saturdayssurfnyc
7’0 Andreini Vaquero at Mollusk

Marc Andreini’s Vaqueros feature hulled entry and belly for smooth take-offs and are flat out the tail, allowing you to steer ‘em from your back foot. These S-deck displacement hulls make long, drawn-out turns, encourage forward trim, and go really, really fast.

9’1 Devo for @theladyofmanycolours

1970 shaped by legend phil Becker. via @joeljitsu

Of these two boards one is shaped by hand the other is off the computer and if I hadn’t of told you, you’d never know the difference. But in my eyes that is un-ethical and that’s simply not how I run my business. Making the distinction between the two is a risk, I could of easily kept the logos right side up, signed all the boards when I got back and sold them all in a day. But that’s not how I roll. Love it or hate it, it doesn’t matter to me. I learned a long time ago that I can’t make everyone happy and these upside down logos will be a big part of out post 2015 world. I won’t try and blow these up we’ll still stick to the small numbers with a focus on quality over quantity. If you have a hand shape or one on order hold on to it cause they will be a rare after 2015. I’ll still be around and I’ll still be hand shaping but it will be on my terms. #2015ethics

ESCAPE FROM BIGFOOT COUNTRY from Woody and the Blue Ox on Vimeo.


#custommade 5’3” x 20” x 2.5” EPS/Epoxy #albumslx with resin color available for purchase #albumsurfboards #threadsandfins #madeintheusa

6’2” El Bambino

An all-rounder single-fin featuring a slightly rolled bottom (almost flat) ending in a moderate Vee in the Tail. The rails are 70/30 with an hard slim edge on the tail… Great to everyone from beginner to advanced.

#custommade Sabertooth for Gaston #albumsurfboards #threadsandfins #madeintheusa
6’0” Doom Twin fin - Album Surfboards
Album -  6’9” quad

5’6 Riches Quad. This board is part of the silent auction on april 4th Bangalow A&I hall at 5pm for #assistasista @vdaybyronbay. Sadly domestic violence is still an issue in our community, some lovely women have stepped up and are raiding awareness and funds. @sybilsteele @theseakin @surferseyes